Award Winning Cheese Straws

The Pie Man has been making Cheese Straws and Cheese Savouries for the last 35 years and they have proved to be very popular. Our great taste comes from using a West Country Vintage Cheddar Cheese that is aged for approximately 18-20 months, this is made in Somerset by a family run business that was established in 1833. The butter we use is British butter from a dairy in the West Country and our flour is milled in Southampton, where the wheat is British-sourced when possible.

A few years ago, Waitrose magazine conducted a serious survey of Chefs and Food Critics, aimed at establishing once and for all, Britain’s favourite canapé – and the results, according to contemporary “news” reports, came as a bit of a shock. The professional snack scoffers shunned the miniature fish suppers and burgers so popular at the time, plumping instead for the deliciously retro cheese straw: “solid enough to provide a good foil to alcohol and its only drawback is the threat of crumbs falling on the carpet”